Straight from its world premiere at La MaMa in NYC, Hyena is an uncompromising examination of intimacy, vulnerability, and sexuality. Provocative and devilish, writer and performer Romana Soutus flirts dangerously with the dichotomy of the public and private self. This solo performance dares to reveal Soutus’ raw impulses, anxieties and desires, as she throws two fingers up to society's rigid framework of femininity. 

Director Rachel Levens weaves the lush language of Hyena through a variety of performance styles, all underscored with an original sound design by composer/sound designer Gareth Hobbs. Soutus challenges her audience to figuratively and literally unlock the beast, and reimagines the role of the audience in interactive theatre.


United solo (september/october 2016) :

'HYENA blurs every boundary that it stumbles upon... Romana soutus entrances and terrifies, relishing in creating art from what most people would rather not think about.'

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